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General Playlists

The Immigrant Experience: Canada

The Immigrant Experience: Canada

Canada has for a long time stood as a bastion to immigrants, refugees and those seeking a new life; though their contributions to society were earnestly taken, the experience that many early Canadian immigrants had was quite tough. How have the traditions, cultures and knowledge of our immigrant populations been incorporated into Canadian society and…

Treatment of Chinese Canadians during the late 19th century

Treatment of Chinese Canadians during the late 19th century

In light of recent violent hate attacks on Asian people I wanted to highlight in this playlist that anti-Asian ideology is not new and has been part of Canadian History since the country's inception. This is a series of pathways that encapsulates the racism and discrimination faced by Chinese Canadians in Canada during the time…

School Playlists

National Aboriginal Veterans Day

National Aboriginal Veterans Day

November 8th is National Aboriginal Veterans Day. National Aboriginal Veterans Day is an important day to recognize Aboriginal (Indigenous) voluntary contributions to military service, specifically in the First and Second World Wars and the Korean War. Thousands of First Peoples, Inuit, and Metis volunteered to serve national efforts in greater numbers than any other community…

Orca Inquiry- Professional Development for Educators

Orca Inquiry- Professional Development for Educators

The Royal BC Museum and Ocean Networks Canada have teamed up to provide orca related resources and professional development sessions for educators. The resources within this playlist promote ocean literacy and demonstrate how we are all connected to the ocean and have a responsibility to protect it for the future. Through the species lens of…

Staff Playlists

J’aime les motsStaff Playlist

J’aime les mots

Cette galerie d’images a été créée pour l’activité J’aime les mots, qui se déroule du 24 septembre au 29 octobre 2021 dans le cadre du volet scolaire des Journées de la culture. Tirées des Archives de la Colombie-Britannique, ces photos sont dans le domaine public. Elles peuvent donc être copiées et utilisées librement pour la…

Crossing Cultures and Healing: A Totem Pole ProjectStaff Playlist

Crossing Cultures and Healing: A Totem Pole Project

The Royal BC Museum, along with The BC Ministry of Health and Timberwest, have collaborated to create the Crossing Cultures and Healing Totem Pole Project. Tsawout Carvers, and brothers, Tom and Perry LaFortune have designed and are carving a pole on site at the Royal BC Museum.